Andre Alvillar
Biographical Information
Age: around 30-40
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Occupation: Artist
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark
Book Appearances
The Gypsy Game

Andre Alvillar is a character from the Game Series. He is the father of Toby Alvillar.


Andre is described as a tall and extremely hairy man with a curly black beard[1]. His mother was a Romanian Gypsy; nothing is known about his wife. He studied art and sculpts statues from discarded items, but does not get to make any money with his work.

Andre lives with his son Toby in an attic studio on top of a building that houses a bar and a pool hall. The apartment consists of a large room that is filled with statues and junk. He lives a hippie-like lifestyle, not caring about his appearance or surroundings, and usually is so immersed in his work that he doesn't even notice people talking to him.


Early LifeEdit

Andre studied art at the University, where he fell in love with Joanna Mayfield, a fellow student, and they later got married. They had one son, Toby. Joanna's parents disapproved this, as the Mayfields were a very rich and influential family, unable to accept that their daughter married a poor and weird guy[2].

Joanna died in an accident when Toby was five years old, falling down from a roof during a party, after consuming drugs. Andre got depressed and even wanted to commit suicide. He and Toby moved a couple of times, finally ending up in an attic apartment.

The Gypsy GameEdit

Andre is first seen when Toby invites his playmates to visit his place, so that Andre could confirm that the Alvillars have Gypsy roots, which he does. Later, Andre paints a caravan on a large cardboard that the children use as a decoration in their play area.


The Mayfields claim legal custody of Toby as he is apparently the only heir of their family, and threaten Andre with re-opening the investigation about Joanna's death. Toby is scared that Andre will have suicidal thoughts again and runs away from home so the Mayfields would leave his father alone.

Andre is worried about Toby and asks the other children if they know where his son is, but they refuse to answer. Eventually, he learns why did Toby run away, and that he is sheltered in the basement of an abandoned church. Finally, he is reunited with his son, and he employs a lawyer who eventually convinces the Mayfields to give up their claim.


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