Caroline Hall
Biographical Information
Age: around 60
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Occupation: Librarian
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Appearance: unknown
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: unknown
Book Appearances
The Egypt Game, The Gypsy Game

Caroline Hall is a character from the Game Series. She is the grandmother of April Hall.


Caroline is an aging woman and has gray hair that she wears in a bun. She lives in a university town, on the third floor of a building named Casa Rosada, works in a library[1], and wears clothes which April describes as "boring business suits".

Caroline appears to dislike her daughter-in-law Dorothea[2], but she is kind to April. She is a quiet person, and sometimes it is hard to know what she is thinking[3].


Caroline used to live in a small and modern apartment, but she moved to a two-bedroom apartment in Casa Rosada so that April, who arrives to live with her while Dorothea is on tour, could have a room of her own. As she is away for most of the day due to her work as a librarian, she arranges for April to have lunch every day with the Rosses, a family living in the same apartment house.

She appears distant, does not talk much and does not appear to notice smaller things, but offers her help and advice to her granddaughter. Initially, April does not think highly of her, even refusing to call her Grandma, preferring to call her Caroline. However, after some months, April grows very close to her, sharing her secrets and thoughts with her grandmother[4].


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