Dorcas O'Malley
Biographical Information
Age: around 35-45
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Occupation: Investigator
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Dorcas O'Malley is a character from The Magic Nation Thing. She is the mother of Abby O'Malley.


Dorcas is a woman of unknown description. She used to work as a secretary[1] and drives a dark blue Honda[2].


Dorcas lived with her husband Martin and her daughter Abby in a large house in San Francisco. However, she divorced seven years before; they sold the house and Martin moved away; however, they are still on good terms.

Dorcas started up a detective agency, trying to prove that she could be successful in a career she chose for herself, even though she would do well financially as a secretary[3]. She lives with Abby in very modest circumstances in a shabby house which also gives home to the agency offices. She travels a lot because of her work and gets to spend little time with her daughter. Her employee at the agency is Tree Torrelli.

She wishes that Abby used her special powers of finding missing things and persons to help her in her investigations, but Abby has no interest in it. Dorcas states that the special power is inherited from family ancestors, and frequently mentions a certain Great-Aunt Fianna. Dorcas likely became an investigator as she hoped she could use the powers in her job, however she apparently did not inherit them like her daughter did[4].

Dorcas is first seen in the book working on a kidnapping case, then investigating a fire; both times she is helped out by Abby who uses her psychic powers on certain objects. When Abby ruins Tree's investigation on the arson case, she is angry, and plans to separate Abby from her friend Paige Borden.

In late Autumn, Martin moves back to San Francisco, and Dorcas invites him for Christmas dinner. She is later reconciled with him and they decide to marry again, giving their relationship another try. Abby is especially delighted when hearing this. At the end of the book, they are seen preparing for the wedding, and they plan to buy a house that suits all three of them.


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