Biographical Information
Age: unknown (old)
Nationality: American
Occupation: Beggar
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Appearance: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Book Appearances
The Gypsy Game

Garbo is a minor character from the Game Series.


Garbo is a ragged old beggar woman with a creaky voice who usually panhandles on University Avenue. No one knows her real name, and the people call her Garbo as she has a big tin cup with a picture of Greta Garbo on it[1].

She is an orphan, and was too much an oddball to fit in the institutions people wanted to put her in, so she came to live wherever she could, begging for food and money[2]. She sleeps in the basement of Arbor Street Baptist, an abandoned church in a run-down industrial area of the town, together with Jeb, Mickey and Vince.


Garbo started hanging out on University Avenue about a year before the events take place. It is mentioned that Andre Alvillar always put money in her cup, whenever he had any to spare.

When Toby Alvillar runs away from home, Bruno leads him to Arbor Street Baptist where he meets Garbo. The woman questions Toby, and the boy makes up a story about being an escaped orphan. She recognizes Bruno and tells that the dog belonged to a homeless person named Jeb who used to live there and has died recently. Garbo appears to like the dog, but is not interested in looking after it, suggesting that Toby could keep it.

Toby leaves, but returns the next day and sleeps there. Garbo is surprised when she returns to the basement and sees that Toby is still there. She scolds him, telling that a young and clever person should not live as a "throwaway human being", and the place where he came from cannot be worse than this hell hole. Eventually, Toby decides to tell Garbo his story, and the woman listens intently.

When Toby finally returns home, he and his friends plan a project to raise money for Garbo and the other homeless people living under the abandoned church, and Andre Alvillar tries to find them a place to live.


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