Orchard Avenue is a street in a large Californian university town where most of the action of the Game Series takes place. The area around Orchard Avenue is residential, consisting of apartment houses, modest homes and small shops. The people of the area represent a wide variety of ethnic groups, and many of them work or study at the university.

Buildings and LandmarksEdit

On the eight hundred blockEdit

  • Casa Rosada, an apartment house where several of the main characters live
  • A-Z Antiques, a shabby antique shop next to Casa Rosada, across an alley, ran by Dr. Huddleston
  • Some small shops, including a florist and a doughnut shop, on the other side of Casa Rosada
  • A drugstore
  • Kamata's Realty, a real estate agency ran by the father of Ken Kamata, just across the street from Casa Rosada
  • Schmitt's Variety Store, a general store ran by Mr. Schmitt
  • Peterson's store, a small grocery that does community-type services as well, like maintaining a bulletin board

Other buildings and landmarks in the areaEdit

  • Wilson School
  • A library
  • A public park
  • Several antique shops
  • Tommy Toy's Toys and Games

Nearby streetsEdit

  • Elm Street, a street intersecting Orchard Avenue
  • Norwich Avenue, a street parallel with Orchard Avenue
  • University Avenue, where Toby Alvillar lives in an apartment with his father. It is implied that the University is on the same avenue

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