The Egypt Game
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The Discovery of EgyptEdit

Point of View: Dr. Huddleston

A strange old man, The Professor runs a store named A-Z Antiques, selling all sorts of strange things. It is mentioned that both the children and adults have a vague fear of the man, his appearance and stare creating discomfort.

On an early September day, while searching for an item in a storeroom, the Professor looks out the window and notices three children playing in an abandoned, weed-grown storage yard behind the shop. Even he is distracted by customers from time to time, he keeps returning to observe the scene.

The three children, April Hall, Melanie Ross and Marshall Ross zoives a temple in a shed in the yard using the items they find close by (porch pillars, a statue of Diana, a bust or Nefertiti, a broken birdbath) and pull the weeds. They pretend to be inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, paying homage to the gods and presenting offerings.

When the Professor looked out the window for the third time,the children have already left, but he couldn't help thinking they would be back there someday.