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Moods and MaybesEdit

Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross

Toby talks to Melanie and April at school about the "Egypt Game", and reveals that he is restricted for three days for breaking his Halloween costume, so he won't be able to join the game before Friday. The parents are still reluctant to let their children play outdoors because of the murder case, but they finally decide to allow them as long as they stay in larger groups.

April is nervous and depressed as she got a letter from her mother Dorothea, telling that she married with her manager Nick and moved in his apartment. She states that there is no room for April, and plans to send April's remaining things to Casa Rosada.

On Friday however, April is in a better mood, and the six "Egyptians" meet in the storage yard. Toby and Ken do not join in yet, but observe the game with respectful interest. The three girls do their ceremonies and rituals for them to watch, and the two boys are impressed, promising that they will check out some books about Ancient Egypt. April and Melanie are flattered by their appreciation, but suspect that they will lose interest soon.

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