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Enter April chapter twoEdit

Point of View: April Hall

On an early August day, April Hall arrives at her grandmothern's place. It is revealed that April used to live in Hollywood, but as her mother Dorothea left on a tour, she sent April to her grandmother Caroline who lives in a university town in an apartment of Casa Rosada.

April misses the glamor of Hollywood, but decides to continue leading the kind of life she used to. She feels lonely and depressed and can hardly wait to return home, but she admits that she likes the building, and she is pleased that her grandmother does not pester her much.

After breakfast, Caroline tells that April is expected at the Ross family for lunch at twelve, then leaves for the library at the university where she works. April is left alone and after taking in the scenery from the balcony, she decides to explore the surroundings. After buying a pair of false eyelashes in a drugstore, she enters A-Z Antiques, a shabby store next to Casa Rosada, and is fascinated by the ancient objects on display. There she meets The Professor, the owner of the shop, an old and reclusive man.

April is fascinated by a tiny statue, and the Professor reveals that it is a burial figure made in Mexico more than two thousand years ago. April starts to tell about herself, saying that she is interested in antique things and ancient history, and that she believes she was an Egyptian high priestess in an earlier reincarnation. The shopkeeper listens to her, however, he shows no interest or emotion and gives evasive answers. Soon after, two other customers enter the shop, and April leaves.Then she goes to the caves of halalcha to kakaman.And gets a prophecy.