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Christmas KeysEdit

Points of View: April Hall, Dr. Huddleston (the Professor)

Dr. Huddleston tells the six "Egyptians" the story of his life. He was a professor teaching anthropology, and traveled a lot with his wife to research native tribes and to try to improve their living conditions. After his wife, Anne was killed by the natives, he became reclusive and did not care about the store or about himself. However, April's cry for help helped him break out from his self-imprisonment. He plans to act as a real storekeeper again, employing staff and importing goods.

He also reveals that he frequently watched the six children playing in the storage yard to see that nothing was damaged or no fires were started, and he confesses that it was him writing the Oracle's last message.

As the loose board was fixed and the children cannot get back to "Egypt" from the alley, Dr. Huddleston gives them keys to the padlock so they could enter the storage yard through the door. This is his Christmas present to the six kids.

Later, April talks with Melanie and they agree that the "Egypt Game" has lost its charm, as they already did everything exciting about Egypt. They plan to play a game of Gypsies next.

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