The Egypt Game
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Enter Melanie - and MarshallEdit

Point of View: Melanie Ross

After April returns to Casa Rosada, she is invited by Melanie Ross to have lunch with the Ross family, as Caroline arranged. In their apartment, she meets Mrs. Ross and Marshall. They are taken aback by April's appearance, who wears false eyelashes, an intricate hairdo and a fur stole, but they do not make any remark. April explains about her family and her life in Hollywood, and even exaggerates some details.

They have lunch consisting of hot dog sandwiches, fruit salad, ice cream and cookies. After lunch, Melanie invites April in her room, and April is fascinated by the books in Melanie's bookcase. She loosens up and stops acting haughty, and even takes off the false eyelashes. In an old book, she discovers some cutout paper people, and Melanie explains that she likes to play "imagining games", making up all kinds of complex stories about made-up people and their families. April is intrigued by the game, and the two girls play until late, inventing all kinds of adventures. It turns out that both girls have a good and rich imagination, and they had a good time playing together.And became friends.

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