The Egypt Game
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The Evil God and the Secret SpyEdit

Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross, and the professer

A day after their first visit to "Egypt", April, Melanie and Marshall return to the storage yard of A-Z Antiques to continue their game. They pull out the rest of the weeds and clear up the rubbish, then they bring discarded boxes, boards and a bowl to make thrones and altars. They continue playing their pretending game, and after Marshall understands its point, he joins in as well, playing a young pharaoh.

The two girls wonder if The Professor would be angry if he discovered them playing in the backyard, but finally they agree that he is harmless because of Aprils point of view, and does not care about the yard anyway. They see the window of the storage room, but it is dirty and a curtain blocks the view, so they are relieved that the man cannot even see them. However, the Professor notices and observes them again.

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