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Prisoners of FearEdit

Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross

Elizabeth joins in the Egypt Game, and even if her imagination is not as rich as April's and Melanie's, she gets along well and she is fascinated by the game. They gave Elizabeth the name Nefertiti.

However, there is a murder in the neighborhood - a little girl is killed - and this puts an end to outdoor games, including the Egypt Game. The police do not have any clues, but the people in the neighborhood have all kinds of theories and opinions. Some of them suspect the Professor with the murder, as they saw two policemen entering his shop the day after the murder. It is mentioned that there was a similar case in the area about a year before.

April, Melanie and Elizabeth are forced to stay indoors; they cannot leave to play in the storage yard, although they sometimes take a peek at it when they walk to school. Once or twice they tried to play the pretending game indoors, but it was not the same at all. They use the time to make costumes and headdresses, in order to wear them in "Egypt" when they are allowed to play outside again.

April learns that her mother Dorothea did not say anything about April coming home.