The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

When school is out, April and Melanie meet Elizabeth then leave for home. Suddenly, Ken appears, suggesting that they should go to look for Toby. The two girls go to the day-care center to pick up Marshall, then go home to Casa Rosada. They get permission from the adults to visit the "Gypsy Camp". It is revealed that the newspapers wrote about Toby's disappearance, stating that he most likely ran away from home, instead of having been kidnapped as people initially believed.

The four kids enter the storage yard, where Ken is already waiting. He visited the deli in the meantime to buy some food for Toby in case he turns up. They have no ideas where should they look for Toby; eventually they leave through the loose plank in the fence, trying to figure out where would Toby go from there. As they leave, Bear escapes and Marshall shrieks that they will lose him.