The Gypsy Game
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Chapter 30


Points of View: April Hall, Melanie Ross

The five children and Bear walk home from the hideout. The day is fading away, it starts to rain, and everyone is nervous and miserable. Marshall keeps asking if Toby lives now in the basement they saw, but the others cannot give an answer. When they reach Orchard Avenue, Ken goes home, while the other four kids visit the storage yard to feed Bear and pound the loose plank back into its place to prevent the dog from escaping again.

At dinner, Caroline asks April what is the matter, seeing that the girl is anxious, and she guesses that her granddaughter is worried about Toby. Later, April visits Melanie and they talk about Toby. They agree that he is in grave danger, and Melanie thinks the best thing would be to tell the adults about his hiding place. They decide to first speak with Andre Alvillar to learn more details about the boy's grandparents and their intentions of claiming legal custody of him.

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