The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

April has bad dreams that night about being chained to the wall of a dungeon and a hairy man with a whip yelling at her.

The next morning, she and Melanie call Andre Alvillar, and learn that he is at home, but did not hear anything about Toby. After that, they call Ken, who gets angry at the thought of breaking the promise they made to Toby about not telling on him, but finally he sees reason, although he does not say for sure that he will join them for the visit to Alvillar's studio.

They agree to meet in half an hour at Tommy Toy's, a nearby toy store. April and Melanie enter the store and wander around, waiting for Ken, but he does not show up. Finally, the two girls leave and head for the building where the Alvillars live.

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