The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

Two weeks after Toby's return, the six children hold a meeting to discuss how to proceed with their "Gypsy Game". It is revealed that the Mayfields gave up their claim after Andre Alvillar employed a lawyer who convinced them to drop the whole adoption thing. Toby continues to live with his father, and he looks after Bear whom he brings along each time when he visits his friends in Casa Rosada.

The kids decide to abandon the idea of the "Gypsy Game", claiming that Gypsy life is too sad and depressing to make a game out of it. Toby tells them about Garbo, Mickey and Vince, the homeless people living in the basement of the abandoned church he visited, and the others agree to start a project to raise money for them, while Andre tries to find them a place to live.