The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

Andre Alvillar explains that his mother was a Gypsy, so it is confirmed that his son Toby has also Gypsy blood. He states that Toby was never interested in his ancestry, buy Toby contradicts him. The two start to argue. April, Melanie, Marshall and Elizabeth use the diversion to get away unnoticed, but they have a hard time finding the exit in the maze of statues and discarded items.

The next day, Toby calls April on the phone and asks them when they will meet in the backyard to set up to play their "Gypsy Game". Toby reveals that he has some antique Gypsy jewelry and lots of old books and photographs. April tells this to Melanie, who is not enthusiastic, but finally accepts the idea.

When the five children meet in the backyard of A-Z Antiques, Toby brings a large cardboard on which his father painted a Gypsy caravan. They use it as a decoration for the play area. The first "Gypsy meeting" starts out.