The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

The five children start their first meeting, trying to lay down rules and guidelines for their game. They argue about who should act as fortune-teller; Toby wants the position for himself, but April tells that only women tell fortunes. Elizabeth offers a compromise, suggesting that they should organize a fortune-telling contest, and the winner will be the first official fortune-teller.

The next argument is about whether Gypsies stole things or not. April mentions reading this in a book, but Toby argues that people only blamed theft on Gypsies. They fight again, but Melanie pulls them apart. After this, Toby shows the jewels of his grandmother, and the kids are fascinated. April and Toby quarrel again, and the fight is broken up by Melanie and Elizabeth.

Before leaving, the kids gather the Egyptian decorations from the shed as those are not needed for the new game. They agree to meet again next day.