The Gypsy Game
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Point of View: April Hall

As no one could take it home, the kids decide to leave Bear, the dog, to stay alone in the storage yard of A-Z Antiques for the night. Ken offers to buy a bag of kibble, Toby fetches an old baby crib mattress, Melanie brings a bunch of old blankets and April cleans the bowl used as a fire pit to be used as a drinking bowl.

Finally, they go home and leave the dog in the yard. Toby vanishes without even saying good-bye, and Melanie remarks that he is acting quite weird and mysterious.

The next morning, April writes a notice for the bulletin board asking if someone lost a dog, but deliberately makes it barely readable, hoping that no one will claim it, so they will be able to keep the animal. She has a short discussion with her grandmother Caroline, who is about to leave for work, and promises her to tell more about the Gypsy Game that evening. It is revealed that April has grown very close to her grandmother, despite the initial hostility she felt towards her right after moving to Casa Rosada.

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