The Magic Nation Thing
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The next morning, just as they arrive to school, Paige demands to know how did Abby solve the arson case. Abby reluctantly tells her friend about her special power of sometimes getting visions about people whenever she holds an object belonging to them, that she supposedly inherited from some ancestors in her mother's family line. She tells about solving the Moorehead case as well.

To Abby's surprise, Paige believes every word and is very excited. Although she promises she won't tell anyone about Abby's powers, she starts forming plans for the future, such as setting up a detective agency with Abby.

Paige also tells that they should start some investigations right away, such as finding out about a certain Mrs. McFarland who lived next door to the Bordens and has recently disappeared. Abby is not enthusiastic about the plan and manages to put the thing on hold, and later that day Mrs. McFarland shows up, confirming that she is alive.