The Magic Nation Thing
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The little girl tells Abby that she is crying because Bugsy, a rabbit they had in the kidergarten room, has died. She reveals that they buried the rabbit behind the goal post, with the children giving it a proper funeral with the help of some school staff.

That afternoon, Abby tells this to Paige, and Paige is crestfallen that there wasn't an actual murder to investigate. The two girls talk about the coming winter holidays, when they will visit Squaw Valley Ski Resort where the Bordens' have a cabin. Abby thinks about the snow-covered forests, and about her dream to be an Olympic skier.

Paige does not give up her ideas about investigations though, and suggests finding other mysteries to solve. She thinks that a one-hundred dollar bill she got from her grandmother is actually a counterfeit and asks Abby to try her psychic powers on it, but Abby does not sense anything out of the ordinary. Later that day, Paige states that the bill was stolen during arts class, and asks for Abby's help, thinking that she can find the bill without effort if she wanted. Abby starts to get irritated for being taken some weird fortune-teller, but does not say anything.