The Magic Nation Thing
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The next day, Paige reveals that the bill was not stolen; she just put it in another part of her wallet. She has also changed her mind about it being counterfeit.

When she runs out of ideas for mysteries to be solved, she suggests that Abby should check her mother's cases and try to solve them. Abby refuses, reminding her friend what happened the last time when they wanted to help her out, ruining Tree's investigation on the arson case. Paige insists, but Abby puts her foot down, telling that she does not want to get involved in anything or do any investigation.

Christmas comes and Dorcas invites her ex-husband Martin for Christmas dinner, who was transferred back to San Francisco in the meantime. They seem to get along really well, and they do not have their usual arguments. Abby gets a ski outfit, goggles, mittens, and a digital camera as Christmas presents.

Paige starts to spend a lot of time at Abby's home, apparently still intent on starting some investigation. One afternoon, Abby catches her going through files in the agency offices and tells her off, but does not hold it against her. They talk about the coming winter holidays.

The last day of school finally comes and goes, and Abby sets out with the Bordens towards Squaw Valley.