The Magic Nation Thing
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Abby has trouble falling asleep, thinking about Paige's request about using her powers to locate the boys, and wonders if her visions would show anything. Eventually, she sleeps and has nightmares about flying snowboarders.

The next day, after breakfast, they head for the ski runs. Daphne and Sher leave for the Olympic run, Woody and Sky are dropped off at the Children's Center, while Abby and Paige head toward the nearest lift.

Paige asks Abby again to use her powers on the napkin. The girl is reluctant, but finally agrees; however, she does not have any vision telling where the boys are. Paige gets angry, believing that Abby does not want to help; insults her and says that they are not friends anymore. They stop talking to each other, and Abby starts to spend more time with Woody and Sky.