The Magic Nation Thing
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This chapter presents how did Abby solve a kidnapping case her mother was working on, using her psychic powers. A six-year old kid named Miranda Moorehead has disappeared from home and the police thought she might have been taken away by her father, who was divorced from her mother and lost his right to see his daughter.

Although Abby tries not to pay any attention to her mother's work, he finds it hard to ignore this case as her friend Paige Borden is fascinated by it, and states that she saw the kid in the supermarket a few days before the kidnapping. When Abby enters the office to borrow a pen from her mother's desk, she notices an envelope with "Moorehead" written on it that contains, among other things, a heart-shaped locket. As she picks up the locket, she sees vivid images of Miranda Moorehead riding a roller coaster in Disneyland with her father.

More details about Abby's special power are revealed. She apparently inherited it from her great-aunt Fianna, and when she was really young, she enjoyed it, as if it was her own private TV show. When mentioning it to the day-care lady, she said that it was just her "imagination", that Abby misheard as "magic nation", and started to refer to her powers as "the Magic Nation thing". However, by the time she was ten, she started to ignore and resist it.