The Magic Nation Thing
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After the Moorehead case is closed, the agency gets a lot of publicity and lots of clients. While the extra work and money helps Dorcas and Tree, Abby's life gets more disorganized and she is very lonely. She mentions it to her father the next time they meet, and he promises to talk with Dorcas.

However, the solution comes from Daphne, Paige's mother. When she hears that Abby spends a lot of hours alone, she suggests that Abby come home with Paige after school and wait until either Dorcas or Tree are back. Dorcas agrees. The arrangement seems to please everyone, and Abby stays each day at the Bordens until about six.

Paige's younger brothers, Woody and Sky often torment the girls with their pranks, however after an episode in which Abby saves Sky from the wrath of Ludmilla, the Bordens' cook, Sky starts to act very friendly towards Abby.