Tree Torrelli
Biographical Information
Age: around 25-35
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Occupation: Investigator
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slender
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark
Book Appearances
The Magic Nation Thing

Teresa Torrelli is a character from The Magic Nation Thing.


Tree Torrelli is a young woman of Italian descent. She has black curly hair, enormous dark eyes, and is described as a very beautiful woman[1].

Tree is Dorcas's only employee in the O'Malley Detective Agency, and she has been working at the agency for a couple of years[2]. She has a high opinion of Dorcas. She is a fast learner and an expert with computers[1] and she attends courses to get her detective license[3]. She lives in an apartment in Berkeley[4].


Tree's family did not want to send her to college, being on the opinion that a girl with such good looks could just marry for money, but Tree resented this attitude and left home to work her way through college[1], and later got a job at the O'Malley Detective Agency. Eventually, she seems to have reconciled with her family[5].

Tree is first seen when she lends change to Abby so she could ride the bus to visit her friends Paige. Tree calls Abby "Abbykins", but the girl does not mind it, although she would not allow anyone else to call her like that.

Later, she is seen working on a fire insurance case, after the owner of a burned building hired O'Malley Agency to find out if an arsonist was at work. Tree tries to investigate for suspicious behavior in the area by pretending to walk a dog, but because of her good looks, she is entirely too noticeable and the plan does not work. She disguises herself by wearing a wig and dressing up as an old lady, but is forced to blow her cover when she has to save Abby and Paige from some teenage guys. After Abby uses her psychic powers to solve the case, Tree considers that Abby must receive credit for helping with the investigation, but Abby refuses, and Tree finally accepts the girl's decision of keeping her power secret.

When Dorcas reconciles with her husband Martin, she lets Tree to take over the agency, who is very delighted.


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